Multimodal Interfaces for Simulation and Training (MMIST) - Single Man-Worn System for real-time control of Avatars and Computer Generated Forces

Last updated on January 28, 2011


MMIST The MMIST system is integrated, soldier-worn equipment that uses all COTS items to achieve all the different human interface modalities for the virtual, live, and immersed solder training application.

Key components of the system include:

  • Full real-time motion capture including hands and fingers on a complete virtual skeleton
  • Insensitive to occlusion and local magentic fields
  • Integrated docking station for COTS items including a LapTop computer
  • Common configurations for Live, Virtual, and Immersed soldier setups and environments
  • Seamless integration with multiple game engines, GDIS, and RNI CommServer technologies for Live unit Telemetry
  • Enhanced CGF Artificial Intelligence Action / Response systems with 9 Core Directive Functions
  • Can use full suite of weapons in full 6-DOF and Fire/Reload function without any onboard weapon sensors or modifications
  • Enables complete intent recognition system from voice, gesture, and mixed mode fusion engines to control computer generated forces and current equipment

Demonstration Video

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RNI has productized the MMIST research system into the Virtual Immersive Kinetic Engine (VIKENG) unit.  Contact RNI for pricing and option details.