Last updated on April 13, 2011


Game DIS (GDIS) is a military training application which uses Simulation Bridge technology to integrate existing applications with 3D Gaming Engines.



The CommServer unit is an integrated, soldier-worn device that allows remote RF linkage to the unit’s PAN devices (GPS, UWB Tags, Laser Engagement Systems, and other peripherals) from a network-ready base station.

3D Camera

3D Camera technology provides a low maintenance, low cost, reliable solution, for rapid generation of accurate 3-D geometry and electromagnetically-accurate texture overlays within a single computer peripheral device.


MRSim is suite of signature generation codes for RF, IR, and LADAR sensor definitions.


MMIST (product name VIKENG)  is integrated, soldier-worn equipment that uses all COTS items to achieve all the different human interface modaliities for the virtual, live, and immersed solder training application.


LoanStream software can process Title Pawns, Regular Pawns, Buys and so much more. It is simple and easy to use, and is designed to benefit every aspect of your business from the administrative side to the basic every day operation of a store manager/ or employee.

Combat ID

The Combat Identfication System of Systems tool implements over 50 Measures (MOEs/MOPs/KPPs) to assess the effectiveness of different combat ID annd ISR systems and their utility in a system of system’s concept.

Assured Comms MOP’s/MOE’s

The Assured Communications Tools is an integrated software suite used to evaluate MOEs and MOPs along with mesh network placement stategies for Rapid Responders to willful or natural disaster.