RNI Develops Real-Time Communications QoS API

Posted on May 23, 2011

Under sponsored effort with Northrop Grumman, RNI has developed a real-time communciations model for realistic voice communcations between squad nets and platoon leaders.  The COMMS API, includes a parameter based model of the “ICOM land mobile system” portable radios and a central voice station.  The real-time API is applied to in-game voice over IP (VOIP) systems to simulate the path loss, reflection, and obscuration effects associated with radio propagation through lossy and reflective materials causing low signal strength and in some cases complete signal loss between squad networks and point-to-point communcations with central platoon leaders.  The Game HUD was enhanced to show a real-time received signal strength (RSSI) display (RSSI) and “talker” S/I relative to “me” along with push-to-talk status and signal to interface ratio calculations.

COMMS API Hud in Action

RNI Demonstrates Real-Time Sensor Virtualization in GDIS

Posted on May 19, 2011

Under sponsorship from Northrop Grumman, RNI recently updated the GDIS software with a real-time API to allow sensor streams to be visualized on a .NET user interface.  The “Scorpion” extensions provided real-time video and thermal imagery along with aural (audio) data from virtualized sensor enties placed in the world.   The API allows for sensor configuration and positioning controls along with image configuration and interval settings all through the API.