RNI Enters a SBIR Phase III Transition Program with the Army

Posted on June 9, 2011

RNI was recently awarded a SBIR Phase III project with RDECOM-STTC to commercialize the GDIS and MMIST (Product Name VIKENG) products to government and industry.  The Phase III project exends a contacting vehicle to interested parties and has scope to migrate GDIS and Man-worn Immersive technologies to different game engines (CRY3 Engine Illustrated) to demonstrate the real-time API and Simulation Bridge capabilities of GDIS for using multiple game engines and LVC simulations simultaneously in a common experiment.  The CRY3 engine integration is supported under a research license with Crytek and Real-Time Immersive.  The use of multiple engines allows the best engine to be used for each player role such as:

  • Air, Land, Sea Assets – Mixed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Civilian, etc)
  • Large/Small Groups and Entity Counts
  • MMORPG or First Person Shooter Interfaces

Other items in the Phase III scope include extension of Man-Worn immersive systems to Haptic Devices (Shot location, persisting pain, virtual object physics force/feedback and manipulation.   The scope also extends virtual locomotion technology reserarch into the experimentation phase.

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