DARE Demonstrates Magic Leap and HoloLens Playing Nice

Posted on March 22, 2019

RNI has recently demonstrated the Dismounted Augmented Reality Environment (DARE) abstracted plugin concept with client and server master libraries using the Magic Leap 1 and the HoloLens (rev 1). This demonstration uses the DARE master library as a client and multiplayer server that can potentially serve all cloud (or local DARE) connections (spectator, player, battle master, admin, configurator, etc.).

A surveyed fiducial marker was pasted on the wall (simple paper sticker). All AR clients then simply look at it before the exercise to set the local to world coordinate system pose references in the training location.

This concept allows the user to select what ever commercial HMD product allows for the most effective solution for any of the key dismounted components (HMD, Weapon, Radio, Body Motion Capture, Biometrics, Haptics, etc.)

The DARE includes a remote configurator which sets up the connections between abstracted plugins and different master libraries (client or server). This allow battle masters and local administrators to easily change what COTS components are used in a current exercise for AR/VR dismounted training.

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